VARIANT – Key Features

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Nose Cone

1 – Removable Nose Cone

The removable nose cone allows easy access for forward facing cameras, instruments, scanning devices or equipment which may need to be kept clear of any electromagnetic interference.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Internal Payload Area

2 – Large Internal Payload Area

The cavernous one hundred litre internal payload area can be easily accessed to allow for rapid installation or adjustment of any internally mounted payload.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Removable Cover

3 – Quick Release Access Hatch

The large, quick release hatch keeps the internal payload safe and secure whilst allowing rapid access to the internal payload area when required.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing External Hardpoints

4 – External Hardpoints

The internal payload may be supplemented with the six under wing hardpoints capable of holding an additional twenty litres of storage. These may be hard mounted or droppable dependant on requirements.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Droptanks

5 – Wingtip Storage

Further to the vast internal payload area and the extra storage space provided by the under wing hardpoints, additional wingtip storage is also available. These wingtip tanks can hold additional payload, equipment or even fuel and can be hard mounted or made droppable as required.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Optional Loading Ramp

6 – Optional Rear Loading Ramp

The optional rear loading ramp allows cargo to be dropped from the VARIANT either in-flight or on the ground. It also allows for long payloads of around eight feet in length to be carried internally when the fuel load is moved to the under wing hardpoints.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Extendable Fuselage

7 – Modular Extendable Fuselage

The modular design allows the standard fuselage to be replaced with the extended fuselage which adds an extra thirty litres of internal payload space and increases the length of the fuselage to thirteen feet.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Twin Fins

8 – Twin Fins

The twin fin arrangement of the VARIANT allows for good single engine operational stability whilst increasing positioning accuracy as a whole which is paramount for accurately delivering droppable payloads in a safe, repeatable and predictable manner.

9 – Powerful Dual Engines

The VARIANT is fitted with powerful 120cc twin cylinder ‘boxer’ style internal combustion engines capable of delivering over twenty five kilograms of static thrust each. This is more than enough to ensure single engined operation, even with the heaviest of payloads fitted.

VARIANT Cutaway Diagram Showing Extendable Wing

10 – Modular Extendable Wing

If you require even more power or lifting ability than the standard sixty kilogram maximum take-off mass provided then you could fit the extended wing. This will increase the wingspan up to eighteen feet and give four engined operation for those extra heavy lift, long haul commercial operations.

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