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Pure Motorsport
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From Humble Beginnings

Pure Motorsports are an Esports team founded by Chris Kasch in 2011.  

The team began with a group of like minded friends looking for that sense of togetherness. It has now progressed from its humble origins into an extremely capable team with over twenty very talented members but the overriding team ethos of having fun whilst competing has remained.

Whilst steadily climbing the skill ladder, the team have achieved some excellent results with the most notable result coming just recently at Road America, winning Petit Le Mans in their Chevrolet Corvette C7 DP.

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Meet the Team

Chris Kasch

Christopher Kasch

Chris started karting at the age of 32. Already an old man in karting terms he progressed well, winning the Southern Championships in 2010 until funds ran out. At this point attentions moved to sim racing where he has never looked back.Image result for twitch logo

Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton

Mature Gentleman, with a passion for all computing, I work in IT and other than drinking at weekends (when I can) I pretty much live on my computer. For the last 5-10 years I have played Space Sims but recently I built a ManCave (from one of the kids bedrooms) and installed a Rig, that initally was for my Space Sims (Elite Dangerous) but I got a set of Pedals and a Wheel, joined iRacing and here I am.Image result for twitch logo

Mark Chorley

Mark Chorley

A Pure Motorsport Driver for about 2 years. Has had some decent endurance race finishes, but has yet to see the podium with Pure Motorsports, watch this space! One of Pure Motorsports few oval drivers, with focus mainly on the annual Indy 500, best finish in this event was a 3rd place in the top split race of 2015, and a second split win in 2016. Currently racing the Radical SR8 and is focused on achieving 5000 irating.Image result for twitch logo

Bekir Karaca

Bekir Karaca

An endurance racing driver who is racing in iRacing for over 7 years and racing for Pure Motorsport.

Matthew Woollett

Matthew Woollett

To Be ConfirmedImage result for twitch logo

Ben Garlick

Ben Garlick

Design Engineer, 2018 Simply Race Endurance Series Champion (Team Phoenix RFactor 2), trying to find my IRacing way.

Team Photo Card - Kristofer Moreau V2

Kristofer Moreau

Born in 1980 in Skåne, Sweden. Ive been sim racing since Nintendo 8-bit came out 🙂 I just never get bored of it, and seing how much this has developed over the years is crazy. I have a wife and two wonderful kids. Except sim racing I like to ride on my mountain bike and play golf.

Ryan Quinn

Ryan Quinn

To Be ConfirmedImage result for twitch logo

Cameron Tanner

Cameron Tanner

Coming from Auckland, New Zealand, I am a very keen motorsport enthusiast. Being involved in a number of iRacing events over the past 4 years or so, as well as being a volunteer official in real life and racing my own Formula Ford

Team Photo Card - Zachary Trull


From Galloway, New Jersey, USA. I’m 19 & have been on iRacing for 8 years, been with Pure Motorsport since August of 2017. I mainly race ovals and a bit of NASCAR iRacing Series races throughout the season, but love road racing & participating in endurance events. I have won the Indy 500 and Daytona 500 twice, and the first official 24 Hours of Daytona held on iRacing in 2015 along with teammate Mark Chorley. Hoping to put up a good fight in the NASCAR iRacing series this season. Won 3 events in 2018 including the Brickyard 400.


I’ve been sim racing since the early days of Gran Turismo, but started taking it seriously in 2015 when I made the switch from console to PC and joined Iracing. Really enjoy the challenge of multi-class endurance racing, and it’s the best kind of racing to watch (except MotoGP).

Team Photo Card - Dan Webster

Dan Webster

Sim racing since I was a small child, starting with Revs on the Commodore64 and working my way through just about every other title since. Passionate F1 fan, build cars for a living and ride bikes for fun, basically anything with wheels is good with me.

Team Photo Card - Jean Philippe Chartrand

Jean-Philippe Chartrand

A road racer for 5 years with a passion for endurance events. Favourite circuits are Bathurst (Mount Panorama) and Nurburgring Combined.Image result for twitch logo

Team Photo Card - Charles Kellyman

Charles Kellyman

Hi there, Charles Kellyman here. Making the transition from console gaming (Quake, COD) to SIM Racing. Discovered iRacing and a fantastic community in 2016 and haven’t look back since. Taking part in MX5 and Skip Barber in the main whilst learning RaceCraft but branching out to other cars …. slowly. Like some others, I started SIM racing late in life, so this is for everyone.Image result for twitch logo

Team Photo Card Overview

David Raber

Will race hard but fair. For me, the only good pass, is a clean one.

Team Photo Card - Connor Smith

Connor Smith

Hi, I’m Connor Smith, 19 from Nottingham, currently enjoying iRacing while still being new to the service, got a lot to learn and plenty of time for it. I also look like a human potato as a fun fact.Image result for twitch logo

Team Photo Card - Nick Sigley

Nick Sigley

Competed in offline Crammond F1GP leagues from ’98 until ’03, and ran quite a large (if not particularly successful) team at one point. Then stopped playing games and racing sims entirely for years. Bought a wheel and came back to sim-racing in 2016 to discover a very changed world. The racing I get in the Skippy is what I dreamed of when passing hapless AI in F1GP in the early 90’s.

Join the Team

Why not join the Pure Motorsport iRacing family, team members will receive:

  • Driver coaching sessions
  • Track and car setup guidance
  • Pure Motorsport team livery
  • Funded practice sessions and race events

In addition, thanks to our sponsors at RPAS Service and European Advanced Drone Academy, members also have access to:

  • Civil Aviation Authority approved commercial drone courses at heavily discounted prices
  • The chance to take part in development programs involving unmanned vehicles
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