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The UAV Pop-up Lab

The UAV Pop-up Lab is an innovation programme exploring the benefits of satellite-enabled UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones) with commercial end-users.

RPAS Service went up against leading UAV manufacturers from around the world to win one of only seven places. These UAV companies will use Inmarsat connectivity in missions with a range of industry-leading customers from sectors including oil & gas and disaster relief. A largescale showcase event will take place on 30th May to present trial outcomes and facilitate debate with leading experts on key UAV industry topics.

RPAS Service

Each year civil governments spend millions on aerial surveying to manage natural resources. Much of that cost is driven by the use of helicopters or traditional fixed-wing aircraft to collect data.

UAVs provide a cheaper solution, allowing governments and land management agencies to obtain more data within operational budget constraints.



With many natural resource areas in remote, hilly terrains, satellite connectivity is key to the control of the UAV, enabling longer flight ranges.

This is where the AVIATOR UAV 200 from Cobham comes in. The unit enables operators to take advantage of the higher speed connectivity from today’s satellite networks to provide a cost-effective solution, the AVIATOR UAV 200 delivers greater operational flexibility for UAVs in a number of applications, including military, border security enforcement, public safety, commercial use and scientific research.

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